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Welcome to M·E·L Research & Service Development - a modern consultancy practice that's truly different!

Who we are

We offer something very special. We are a unique expert research and consultancy practice - designed specifically to help clients who want to improve public services and get the most from their limited budgets.

We aim to be the UK's most progressive, forward-thinking, and cost-effective research and consultancy practice, working across the full range of the UK's public services - councils, policing, housing providers, healthcare, waste management, businesses, third sector, and government delivery agencies.

Across these services we stand for measurement, evaluation, learning - the three core principles for evidence-based public service excellence. This means not just surveys (measurement), but high quality insight and interpretation of the results (evaluation), and ways of achieving service improvement (learning).

By uniquely combining these three services within our business, we provide integrated specialist expert research and consultancy support - real added value at an affordable price - that out-performs competitors in helping our clients reach true standards of excellence.


How we work

We run a research and technical operation (providing measurement and evaluation), and a service development consultancy academy (delivering the learning).

The core of our business is centred on our research and technical services division - which runs high quality, specialist research surveys and service evaluation. This delivers a full service capability including:

  • Customer insight and specialist consumer research surveys (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Doorstepping promotions and evaluation of behaviour change campaigns
  • Environmental and municipal waste monitoring and audit
  • CACI Insite GIS mapping, and expert data analysis
  • Systematic project, theme and programme evaluation techniques.

Linked to the research and technical division is the M·E·L Expert Practice Academy arm of the business. Our expert practice academies are about service development - in environment, communities and public health. They deliver the learning element of the M·E·L brand - helping you develop clear, simple, innovative ways to improve services. We also host expert practice workshops, run skill-building sessions and help you learn from your own experience and the experience of others


Current Vacancies

Please click here to view our current vacancies.


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